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Rear-ended in a motor vehicle accident? Here are five things you can do (after you check for injuries and call 911, if necessary):

1) Exchange information with the person who rear-ended your vehicle. Be sure to get their full name, contact information, insurance information, driver’s license number, license plate number, vehicle model, and the accident’s location.

2) Notify your insurance company. Your policy may require your to notify the insurance company within a certain amount of time, so don’t wait. Contact your insurance company to report the rear-end collision as soon as possible.

3) Document the accident. Get pictures, talk to witnesses, and get the name of everyone at the accident scene.

4) Get the police report.

5) Don’t admit fault in any way. Speak with a personal injury attorney about your injuries and property damage to find out the maximum amount of compensation you’re eligible to potentially recover.

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Verdicts & Settlements

Car accident case in which our client was hit by a pick-up truck going the wrong way
Motorcycle accident in which our client suffered a serious brain injury
Car accident in which our client suffered long-term brain damage in a collision with a Papa John's Pizza delivery driver.
Car accident case in which our client was seriously injured when the defendant struck her car from behind while driving under the influence
Personal injury case in which our client was struck by her own vehicle in CarMax parking lot due to a salesperson's negligence

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