Daytona Beach Birth Injuries

Nothing can compare to the realization that your child might have been injured in the birthing process. One mistake can lead to a lifetime of suffering for your infant, and leave you unsure of what to do.

Irregularities are common, with the Centers for Disease Control reporting nearly 3% of all infants being born with a defect. Daytona Beach is no exception. But some irregularities come in the form of negligence or malpractice, when your healthcare professional fails to provide your child with adequate care during birth.

Our attorneys are knowledgeable about identifying and investigating birth injuries, and may be able to help you get the compensation you need to help your child flourish. Reach out to us today to have your case evaluated.

How Are Birth Injuries Caused?

Delivering a baby can be a dangerous process, and your child could face a variety of injuries. The situation can be further complicated in instances where your baby is large, or does not come out head first.

Some injuries like swelling and bruising can occur and usually don’t have lasting effects, but fractured bones and nerve damage can irreparably change your child’s life, and your own.

Other circumstances, such as oxygen deprivation, are serious and can result in brain damage, limited motor function, and even death.

Frequent birth injuries include Erb’s palsy and Klumpke’s palsy, where nerve damage makes manipulating different parts of the body difficult. The result can spell disaster for your child’s future. Other injuries can arise during delivery or as a result of infection due to negligence, and harm you and your child. You can fight against this.

Find Out How Our Birth Injury Attorneys Can Help You

The cost of caring for and rehabilitating a child with a birth injury can be enormous, but you don’t have to face an uncertain future. If you believe your newborn was injured because of medical negligence during or prior to delivery, legal action may be a way to help your child.

Our attorneys have a track record of successfully helping families when it comes to holding doctors accountable, and getting them the money they need to help children and parents alike flourish in the face of devastating injuries.

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