Waupaca Elevator Class Action Lawsuit

Waupaca Elevator Class Action Lawsuit

An elevator free-fall is something out of a horror movie, yet for some Waupaca elevator customers, it’s a terrifying reality. In 2018, the company issued a recall on popular residential elevators due to faulty gearbox components that caused the systems to fail. Yet, two years later, their products still result in harm to the consumers that use them.

Not only are these products dangerous but the maintenance required to keep them safe is a significant recurring expense. If you own a Waupaca in-home elevator, Morgan & Morgan can help you pursue the compensation you deserve. Complete a free, no-risk case evaluation today to learn about joining our class action lawsuit.

Why Did The Solution Fail?

Rather than repair the defective component directly, allegedly Waupaca decided to find a solution elsewhere. The company allegedly pushed their authorized dealers to increase the routine maintenance of their products in an effort to keep the defective products from failing. However, this plan was ultimately unsuccessful as the maintenance procedure allegedly didn’t contain any explicit evaluation of the defective gearbox.

Their next solution was to push for the installation of an aftermarket brake device that would prevent the elevator cab from crashing if the system failed. Unfortunately, this product was also faulty and allegedly did little to prevent harm. When Waupaca became aware of the danger, they issued a warning to their customers allegedly containing factually inaccurate information regarding the symptoms of a potential crash.

Waupaca was given a chance to recall the defective components that caused their in-home elevators to become dangerous, yet “inventory restraints” prevented them from providing the correct components to their customers. While this may have caused an issue initially, it shouldn’t have taken two years to address a problem that’s putting consumers at risk.

What Can I Do?

If you own a Waupaca in-home elevator, do not continue to use the product. While only certain elevator models contain faulty components, you should contact an experienced technician to determine if your elevator is at risk for failure.

You should also gather any receipts you have detailing maintenance that was performed on your elevator. The allegedly unnecessary maintenance required by the manufacturer was expensive to you, the owner, and you shouldn’t have to bear the expense for their mistake. Our attorneys may be able to assist you in recovering the financial damages resulting from your defective product.

Get Started With Morgan & Morgan

The danger of a defective product is exacerbated if the manufacturer acts negligently. Waupaca had ample time to resolve this issue but instead focused its efforts on solutions that allegedly did more harm than good. This behavior is unacceptable, as it allowed their defective product to continue to cause harm in the homes of innocent consumers.

If you were physically injured by or burdened with the maintenance and upkeep of your Waupaca in-home elevator, contact us today. Complete a free, no-obligation case evaluation to get started.

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