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School is a place to learn and grow – not be fearful. Sadly, many Chicago students and parents fear the worst every time they leave home. From bullying to defective equipment, one hazard after another threatens to harm students. Although occasionally intentional, these dangers are often the product of negligence and avoidable.

Thankfully, most teachers and administrators work hard to maintain a safe and wholesome environment. However, some fall short when it comes to this task. Without legal action, they may never be held accountable for their harmful behavior. The legal system could be your best resource for securing compensation and justice as well as preventing future misconduct.

What Is Education Law?

Education law is a niche practice area that focuses on issues relating to school districts, colleges, and other academic institutions. The term covers a broader scope of cases than most clients suspect, including slip and falls, intentional torts, and more. Examples of possible education cases include:

  • Bullying, leading to physical harm, emotional distress, or even suicide attempts
  • Sexual abuse, including incidents involving teachers and their students; These circumstances could lead to intentional tort cases, as well as respondent superior liability, in which the school district is found liable for the actions of the teachers it employs.
  • Poorly maintained playground or physical education equipment leading to physical injuries

Why Work With an Education Lawyer in Chicago?

Education cases are uniquely complex. This is especially true of cases involving public schools, which are government entities. The bar for success is far higher in a case against a public school than in typical liability cases involving private premises. To win, plaintiffs must demonstrate the person or establishment’s negligence and authority over the property of the incident.

Morgan & Morgan: Trustworthy Education Lawyers in Chicago

Schools tend to have hefty legal representation – when it comes to taking them on in court, size matters. With more than 400 attorneys nationwide and billions of dollars recovered, we have the resources necessary to provide you the best service possible. With Morgan & Morgan, you’ll get a full team of lawyers and legal staff to fight by your side through every phase of the case. You’ll also get 24/7 open communication with us through our mobile app. And, we never charge by the hour – you only pay us if we win for you.

Being the victim of misconduct at school can be devastating. The education attorneys at Morgan & Morgan are ready to fight for the compensation and justice you deserve. Get started today with a free case evaluation.

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