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Unfortunately, being the victim of an assault can be life-changing. You may be afraid to leave the house or be left struggling to pay the medical bills resulting from the attack. Victims also can experience shame and a reluctancy to come forward, fearful of having to provide testimony against the perpetrator.

The attorneys at Morgan & Morgan understand that apprehension. That’s why our assault lawyers treat every client like family and handle their cases personally. We’re ready to be by your side during these trying times to fight for the financial compensation and justice you deserve.

Assault and Battery

In Illinois, assault and battery are two distinct crimes.

  • Assault occurs when there is an intentional threat to harm a person, and the person believes the perpetrator will follow through. The assaulter doesn't need to make physical contact with the victim for the charge to stand. Even pointing a toy gun at a person could be assault if the person believes his or her life is in danger.
  • Battery is intentional and unlawful physical contact with another person. The person doesn't need to sustain injuries; what matters is that the touch was against non-consensual.

Civil Claims for Assault

Assault and battery are intentional torts. Meaning, the evidence must show the assailant willfully intended to cause harm. This can be difficult unless there is compelling evidence from the crime scene or if the assault and battery were particularly egregious, or “wanton.” A recent case in which the plaintiff recovered damages, Enadeghe v. Dahms, illustrates this principle. A cab driver who stopped on the road was beaten savagely by an enraged assailant with a briefcase.

However, many assault and battery cases aren’t as distinct. For example, it may be more challenging to prove intent with regards to a barroom brawl. The defendant may also argue the battery was a reasonable response to your provocation — a common defense in police brutality cases. Sometimes, defendants claim the battery was consensual. This defense is often used in cases of rape and domestic violence.

Having the right legal representation on your side is crucial. A good lawyer with experience will assist in gathering evidence against the defendant and craft a strong case. To pursue someone in civil court doesn’t require a criminal conviction. Moreover, the bar of proof is lower in civil court, with many plaintiffs recovering damages without a criminal conviction.

Morgan & Morgan Will Fight for You

If you’re a victim of assault or battery in Chicago, contact Morgan & Morgan immediately – you may be eligible for financial compensation. These incidents can be devastating. We’re passionate about fighting for the rights of victims, recovering billions of dollars on behalf of our clients. With more than 400 attorneys and 50 offices nationwide, we have the resources and reach necessary to give you the best service possible. You’ll get a full team of lawyers and legal staff as well as 24/7 open communication with us through our mobile app. And, we never charge by the hour – we only get paid if we win for you.

Don’t go through this alone. Our lawyers are ready to fight by your side during these trying times. Discover what we can do for you by filling out a no-cost case evaluation form today.

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