Birmingham Debt Harassment

A past-due bill is often followed by phone calls from debt collectors who will contact you excessively and may even impersonate the authorities just to scare you into paying the debt. However, you may not actually be required to do so, and you definitely don’t need to tolerate the deceitful and abusive tactics used against you by debt collectors.

The legal team at Morgan & Morgan’s Birmingham, Alabama, office can assist you if you believe you’re a victim of debt collector abuse. We can put debt collectors in their place and evaluate your claim following your bearing the brunt of their abusive behavior.

Legal Protections Afforded to You

The federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act has strict guarantees that affect almost every third-party debt collector in the country. Collectors cannot:

  • Threaten force, violence, or defamation
  • Use obscene, profane, or abusive language
  • Publish the names of alleged debtors
  • Place phone calls with a frequency that is intended to harass
  • Misrepresent the amount, nature, or origin or an alleged debt
  • Impersonate law enforcement or another authority
  • Misrepresent the potential penalties for nonpayment, including telling alleged debtors they will be prosecuted, imprisoned, or their wages will be garnished (unless garnishment is actually authorized by a court)
  • Add charges or fees not authorized by the original agreement
  • Solicit or demand an excessively postdated check
  • Threaten to repossess property when the right to do so does not actually exist

The state of Alabama has additional laws that can help protect you. A strong, knowledgeable Alabama attorney can help you understand your rights and may be able to take actions like:

  • Sending a letter demanding communication with the debtor to stop
  • Requesting validation and calculations of the debt
  • Sending a letter to contest the debt

Take Your Life Back

Having to deal with the impossible behavior of debt collectors can be exhausting, but we’re here to help. You can recover statutory and actual damages, plus attorney fees, for suffering you might have experienced.

At Morgan & Morgan, we’re ready to fight for you. Our Birmingham-based legal team understands the ins and outs of unsavory debt harassment and can help you fight back using the law. Fill out a free, no-risk case evaluation form if you’re ready to seek justice and peace of mind today.

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